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PEMF Therapy

To cure and to prevent injuries

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Does your horse’s tendon injury  demoralizes you? Are you walking and cooling endlessly with the possible prospect that this will take months and are you uncertain whether it will recover completely?
Do you have a horse in the (top) sport, that shows a lot of tension before training, and certainly before the competition? With as a result the riding is not going as well as it could actually be?

Wouldn’t you be relieved if your horse is declared 100% healthy again?  Or be happy if you could have a great ride every day again, or be enthusiastic if you would be able to start competing again?

The moment a person or an animal gets injured, there is a disruption at cell level.
With an acute injury an inflammatory reaction takes place and with more chronic injuries the blood circulation is reduced.

Pulsating magnetic field therapy (PEMF), or in short often called magnetic field therapy or magnetic therapy, can change months of forced rest and uncertainty about the result. PEMF therapy is a form of physiotherapy that you can easily apply yourself. The magnetic field therapy penetrates deep into the tissue and has an influence on the circulation and metabolism in the cells, so that the tissue recovers faster and better.

Veterinarians and physiotherapists often apply magnetic field therapy in their practice. But also riders and owners can do a lot themselves with this form of therapy. Whether or not in consultation with a veterinarian or physiotherapist.

coil creating a magnetic field
Magnetic field therapy can be applied using “normal”, static magnets that are placed in blankets or bandages. However, the effect  is very limited.
Much more intensive and therefore more effective is the therapy in the form of pulsating magnetic fields.

PEMF therapy uses coils through which an  electric current flows. This causes a magnetic field. By starting and stopping this current with a certain frequency, we also get a magnetic field that constantly starts and stops, or better said: pulsates.

     When to use magnetic field therapy? 

The frequency of the pulses determines the effect of the therapy .

With a low frequency you can reduce pain and inflammation;
by increasing the frequency at a later stage of the injury, we can improve blood flow and metabolism.
This helps the body to heal faster.

Magnetic field therapy can therefore be used for a large number of problems, including:

  • Bone damage and fractures
  • Open wounds and circulation problems
  • Sore and stiff muscles
  • Tendon- and other soft tissue problems
  • Acute inflammation
  • Chronic pain

As a (top) athlete  you can also use magnetic field therapy to keep your horse in optimum shape. After a heavy training or competition, magnetic field therapy helps your horse  with the removal of the waste products. This helps your horse to recover faster so it will be less sore and therefore less stiff the next day.

The thermal images below are made from a horse with kissing spines and cramped lumbar muscles. The horse was treated for 40 minutes at the lowest frequency (2 Hz). It is good to see that despite the fact that the horse has stood up with a blanket during that time   the heat from the “hotspots” is clearly reduced

thermal image kissing spine before pemf
horse with kissing spines before treatment with PEMF therapy
thermal image kissing spine after pemf treatment
horse with kissing spines after treatment with PEMF therapy

We have several possibilities for applying PEMF therapy to horses:

magnetic field bandage

for treatment of 

leg problems


for back problems and for sport horses

neckpiece pemf therapy

for treatment of problems in the neck

9ph pemf for treatment of leg and feet of the horse

for treatment of leg, back and neck problems

4PH pemf for treatment of back, leg and feet of the horse

for whole body treatment

hoofpad, pemf therapy for feet problems of the horse

for hoof and feet treatment

In addition to equipment for horses, we also have options for humans and dogs

leendert-jan hofland of dap bodegraven
I use pulsating magnetic field therapy with regularity in our veterinary practice. And then I immediately put the emphasis on the pulsating magnetic field therapy, because I know that there are, for example, blankets with fixed magnets, but I see no point in that at all. I use the therapy especially with attachment problems of the tendons. I have the idea that it is analgesic and promotes healing. But I have also used it in other cases such as a hoof bone fracture. It works very practical and the owner can do it himself. In addition, I treat many sport horses that you cannot just give everything. This can be a nice support in the sport to remedy minor aches and pains. In rehabilitation, all kinds of devices pass by that should work well. Many of them also disappear quickly. However, I have been using this therapy for more than ten years and I keep coming back to it. That says enough.
Leendert-Jan Hofland, DAP Bodegraven

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