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Renting, buying, rent to buy

Find the appropriate solution to help your horse



Does your horse have a tendon problem or another problem where our therapy could help with the rehabilitation? You hope that with one or a few months the injury will be fully recovered. Then it is a shame to have to buy something for that short time. That is why, in addition to selling, we also rent out all our equipment.

But even if you have a longer lasting problem or have a horse in the (top) sport, which can be supported with our equipment, you can renting instead of buying. We recommend that you first try the equipment yourself to see how the horse reacts to it and how you like it.

use of the centurion laser for treatment of skin diseases

That is why the first three months of rent are always fully settled upon purchase

The minimum rental period is one month and is extended by one month at a time. This way you rent the equipment for the time it takes. If you like the equipment so much that you want to purchase it, the first three months’ rent will be fully deducted from the purchase price. By trying our therapy products for a short period of time for certain problems, you can experience for yourself how the Centurion therapy products can be applied in your situation.

Rent to buy

It is also possible to continue renting the equipment for a longer period of time. The rent can be canceled per month. If you still want to purchase the device, eighty percent of rent will be deducted from the purchase price from the fourth month on. You can continue to rent until the equipment has been paid in full, or pay the remaining amount at once.


Of course you can also buy the equipment. Then you can immediately, but also after a few months of rent. It has recently become possible to pay for the equipment in installments. Look at the desired equipment for the possibilities