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For the treatment of injuries and as support in sports

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Tension in the back

You may be familiar with it: Yesterday your horse was top notch, today you want to continue training and get the same feeling as yesterday, but today it doesn’t work.

Or you have a horse that you can work super with, but you really have to ride him for half an hour before he is warmed up and can get to work ….

Or do you have a horse that holds its back very tense at the start of the training and with which you have to start very carefully and calmly ….

How nice it would be if you could immediately ride away with your horse. Not first have to ride for a very long time, but step on it and immediately get a good feeling. Immediately a horse with a relaxed back and sufficient good energy to get to work.


 We ask quite a lot of our sport horses and it is therefore easy to understand that a horse cannot perform the same every day. Often you see that the horse builds up lactic acid after a heavy training. Or that on a multi-day race the 2nd or 3rd day is not going so well anymore.

Some (dressage) horses have a lot of tension in the back of at the start of the training. While, often older, horses have to be ridden for a long time before they are warmed up well enough to really get to work.


With pulsating magnetic field therapy, in particular with the Centurion Therapulse, you can support the sport horse to perform optimally. The different setting options of the Therapulse each have a different influence on the body.

At the lowest setting (2 Hz) it gives a signal to the brain, causing it to produce endorphins. This shows a clearly relaxed horse If you start riding after the treatment, you immediately feel that he is better losing up his back, to let you sit better and to be able to get to work immediately.

We treat the horses that need a longer time to warm up for work with a higher setting. (15 or 30 Hz). This improves blood flow and the cells receive more nutrients and oxygen. This will shorten the warm-up time and we can really get to work faster.

It is good for all horses to give them a post-treatment with the Therapulse after (heavy) work. With this the waste is removed faster and in this way stiffness is prevented to a large extent the next day.


In addition to supporting (sports) horses, pulsating magnetic field therapy is also widely used for treating various back injuries, ranging from kissing spines, osteoarthritis or muscle problems.

Pulsating magnetic field therapy is a form of physiotherapy that you can easily apply yourself. The therapy penetrates deep into the tissue and has an influence on the metabolism in the cell, so that the tissue recovers faster and better.

use of therapulse pemf rug

The Therapulse has 3 settings

  • 2 Hz for the acute stage of the injury to reduce pain and inflammation
  • 15 Hz to stimulate metabolism at the cell level
  • 30 Hz to improve circulation

Try it out yourself?

Have you become curious about the influence of pemf therapy on the injury in your horse? Then start renting today and experience it yourself. Of course you can also buy, we always settle the first three months rent with the sales price. In this way you can experience for yourself how you like the Therapulse at no extra cost and without having to make a big decision right away.
therapulse pemf blanket use for the sport horse
Therapulse for the sport horse
Therapulse with the equestrian massage
Therapulse with the equestrian massage
use of therapulse after injury
Use of Therapulse for injuries
therapulse and neckpiece combined
Therapulse and Neckpiece combined
magnetic field therapy also for  small ponies
Therapulse, also for the smaller ones
hans-peter minderhout uses therapulse
Therapulse for the sport horse

Experiences of Therapulse users

You really feel a lot of difference! Horses are top relaxed at 2 Hz. I'm very happy with it!

moniek-van-dijk use therapulse
Moniek van Dijk
Horses really feel different when using the therapy. They start looser with prior treatment. When used after intensive training you notice faster recovery. It works great!
barbara-van-der-broek uses therapulse
Barbara van der Broek

Blankets work great and the collaboration with Magnacare is really great!

paula-de-bruin uses neckpiece
Paula Voorneveld

That's how simple the therapulse works

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start today

Renting a therapulse

€ 275,-
Per month
  • for a short-term injury
  • rent as long as you want
  • to try out first,
  • the first 3 months rent will be settled when buying
  • advice how to use in the various problems

Buying a therapulse

€ 4950,-


  • buy immediately or after a rental period
  • also payment in installments possible

  • including batteries, chargers, test magnet andsuitcase

  • 1 year unconditional warranty

  • lifelong advice how to use

Unfortunately the payment pages are in this moment only in Dutch. You can use them normally to order a therapulse. But if you have any questions, please contact us.

Learn how to use your Therapulse here