minipulse PEMF bandage for treatment of problems of the leg of a horse

Minipulse, PEMF bandage

Healing leg injuries in horses faster and better

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Swollen leg

Do you know this situation? You had just registered for a competition when you came to the stable and found your horse with a thick and warm leg. After a visit to the vet, the problem was clear: a tendon injury. Months of rest, walking and cooling ahead and the question whether he can ever return to his old level.

If it can now recover faster, and better, so that you can start again quickly. And if you can do more than just rest and walking.

tendon injury can be acute due to strain of the tendon during training or in the meadow. But chronic overloading due to hard ground or heavy training can also lead to a tendon injury.

In the beginning of the injury you sometimes see a swelling and the horse is lame. These external characteristics often disappear relatively quickly, but the horse has not recovered from the tendon injury yet. Going back to work too early makes the injury more serious. Long periods of calm, cool and moderate exercise is the most prescribed treatment.

Pulsating magnetic field therapy can change those months of walking and uncertainty about the result. Pulsating magnetic field therapy is a form of physiotherapy that you can easily apply to your horse yourself. The magnetic field therapy penetrates deep into the tissue and has an influence on the blood circulation and metabolism in the cell, so that the tissue recovers faster and better.

Tendons, bones, ligaments and muscles

Not only tendon tissue responds well to magnetic field therapy. Bones, ligaments and muscles also recover up to 2x faster than without this therapy. In addition, the tissue that grows back at the damaged area is almost as strong and supple as the original tissue. As a result, not only is the recovery time shorter, but the chance of a recurrence of the injury has also become much smaller.


minipulse PEMF bandage for treatment of problems of the leg of a horse

The Minipulse is the easiest to use pulsed magnetic field therapy device. You can easily use it every day to treat problems with:

  • lower leg
  • knee
  • fetlock
  • hock joint

It consists of two pillows with a coil in it, where by means of a battery a pulsating magnetic field is generated. Very easy to use and no cables running to or from the horse.

minipulse pemf therapy for horses

The Minipulse has 3 settings

  • 2 Hz for the acute stage of the injury to reduce pain and inflammation
  • 15 Hz to stimulate metabolism at the cell level
  • 30 Hz to improve circulation
minipulse for tendon injury
Treatment of tendon injury
minipulse also to use for problems on the hind legs
Use with a problem on the hind leg
use minipulse on the back of a horse

Minipulse use on the back

   Examples of use of the Minipulse    

Of course we think it is important that the diagnosis is first done by the vet, but with many injuries you can also contribute positively to the degree of recovery with pulsating magnetic field therapy. A number of injuries where pulsating magnetic field therapy can be used in different ways are:
tendon injury

Tendon injuries: 

The injury we most often use the minipulse for. Both in the acute stage and during the rehabilitation process, the minipulse can help to inhibit inflammation and repair tissue quickly. The injury heals faster and the tissue that grows back at the site of damage is as good as original tendon tissue. This makes the tendon as strong and flexible as before the injury.


Bone fractures:

Fractures repair very quickly under the influence of magnetic field therapy. Even fractures that do not want to repair themselves. Often the bones are restored in half the normal time. Magnetic fields pass through everything, including plaster, so the treatment can also take place while the fracture is in the plaster. In addition, the metals that are used in the body are not magnetizable, which is why they are no objection to use with magnetic field therapy.
osteo arthrosis


Depending on the severity of the osteoarthritis you can choose to only treat the pain on the low frequency. But you can also improve blood flow to counter the stiffness as much as possible. This can vary from day to day depending on things like training and weather conditions.

scan ligament injury

Ligament injury: 

As with tendon tissue, the Minipulse can also be used in both the acute and chronic stages. Initially to inhibit the inflammatory response and later to improve blood flow.
minipulse PEMF bandage for treatment of problems of the leg of a horse

And once you have a Minipulse, you can use it for anything and everything

In addition, the Minipulse can be used for many more injuries. The advantage of pulsed magnetic field therapy is that every tissue responds to it. So if you don't know what the problem is, you can still treat it. Very generally we say: as long as there is still heat in the tissue, you treat at 2 Hz to reduce the inflammatory process. When the heat is gone, you treat at 15 and 30 Hz to improve blood circulation and metabolism. In this way you can quickly help repair many problems.

The best thing would be to use the minipulse throughout the rehabilitation process until the horse is back to its old level.

Try it out yourself?

Have you become curious about the influence of pemf therapy on the injury in your horse? Then start renting today and experience it yourself. Of course you can also buy, we always settle the first three months rent with the sales price. In this way you can experience for yourself how you like the Minipulse at no extra cost and without having to make a big decision right away.

Experiences of Minipulse users

My horse was diagnosed with check ligament injury.

After 12 weeks the vet came back to scan and he came with the good news that the Checkligament is completely healed again. He was amazed at how fast it went.

minipulse for use with check ligament
Annemiek ter Horst
My old pony 28 years old would have a recovery period of at least 3/4 months. Because I used the minipulse, it recovered twice as fast!
iris houweling uses minipulse
Iris Houweling
Mijn paard kreeg de diagnose chronisch ontstoken aanhechting van de tussenpees  Na twee maanden  behandelen  was tot grote verbazing van de arts was de blessure al vergevorderd hersteld.
minipulse also to use for problems on the hind legs
M. Van de Watering - van Oosten

Use of a minipulse with a tendon injury

a nice story in the video


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Renting a minipulse

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Buying a minipulse

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  • also payment in installments possible

  • including charger, bag, test magnet and cover

  • 1 year unconditional warranty

  • lifelong advice how to use

Unfortunately the payment pages are in this moment only in Dutch. You can use them normally to order a minipulse. But if you have any questions, please contact us.

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