User experiences with the transpirator

User experiences with the transpirator

Severe Pneumonia

I would like to share my experience with the transpirator. My horse had been sick since 21 July, initially it seemed a cold but due to green snot and raising temperature, I immediately call the vet. From him we received mucosalizers, ventipulmin and tubes antibiotics for three days. My horse seemed to recover quick and after the antibiotics it seemed to looks okay. However, two days after stopping the cure, she got ill again. Again we got antibiotics, this time for a week. Again she recover and it seemed to be over. Now we had to wait for two weeks, but after a week she got sick again and began to cough. We then received a Prednison cure, but after two days Prednison she became sicker instead of better.

Then the internist in Belgium was informed, he visit us same day to make a scope of the airways. The internist stepped back because of the very bad look of the inside. That my horse was still on her legs, looked so florist and that she still live was a miracle. Everything went on culture, blood, mucus, etc. Unfortunately, no cause was found, only a consequence and that was a heavy pneumonia. She received penicillin and gentamycin for five days, we started with mucous solvents and had to continue with Ventipulmin. After three days she was the old one again. I was so relieved and happy because I was so afraid to lose her.

After the five-day cure we continued with the mucous solvents and ventipulmin and after three weeks we had to make a new scope again. It looked good at the scope but there were still some small remains in the trachea, a residue was taken away and put on cultivation. In the meanwhile we had to start again with the mucous solvents and the Ventipulmin. The result was good; no bacteria anymore.

Two days later she was sick again, with urgency we were expected at the clinic. I had to prepare to lose her maybe. Again, a scope was made and turned out that she had it all back, almost as bad as the very first time. Everything was captured and raised again. On all that could be tested was tested, it was a free job for the laboratory. Immediately they started the injections, hoping that it would be better soon, this was the only thing we could do. After two days she was again the old one and on the fourth day, the internist and the vet came to the conclusion ..... Nothing found. The theory was that she had an unidentified lung disease. The injections stopped, she was put for a month on the flixotide nebulization, and continue for three weeks with mucous solvent and ventipulmin. She remained stable but remaining a lot of mucus.

At jumping indoor Maastricht I meet MagnaCare, I thought about it for two days, to go on wit how do we proceed now, was not an option. The moment we almost finished the nebula, I called Arja immediately and ordered the transpirator to rent. I immediately picked it up and started the same day with the transpirator. My horse was absolutely not afraid of the muzzle and the tube and also the vapor did not care her, she loved it. For a week I have use the transpirator for an hour every day, after that week I used it for a week half an hour every day, the week after, five times half an hour and the week after that four days a half hour and the last week I used it twice for half an hour.

After having using the transpirator twice an hour, she did not cough anymore. During the treatment with the transpirator a lot of mucus loosened, so it ran through the nose and pulled out. After the treatment, bringing her to the meadow I had to wear my raincoat because when she breeze there was so much mucus and snot that came loose by the Transpirator that I was covered all over. My husband even ones had to bring me clean pants. When we stopped with the transpirator, she was fit vividly, shine and she had no running nose anymore. I was ver afraid that she would get sick again when we stopped, but I think we had nailed a long time. My horse is still happy and does not cough and does not have a running nose. Without the transpirator it was very different, this machine has really worked well and cleared the troop. I'm so glad that this machine is also in the rental at MagnaCare.

Jeantine Verwiel

Equine Asthma

My mare had been training for a long time after training in the forest (I ride endurance with her) and with blobs from one of the nostrils. One time it was right, the other left. She had no other complaints such as coughing or comments during the veterinary checks. Unfortunately, a scan showed nothing and both the treatment with Sputolysin and Ventipulmin had no results.

Because she was injured by a stumble during training and therefore had to rest on the meadow for a long time, I stopped the investigations. This was in August 2017.

When she was healed from her tendon injury in May 2019, I slowly started to rebuild her movement. At first this seemed to go well and she remained complaint-free. Until we were allowed to rebuild the trot in the forest in September 2019. Blobs came again. After consultation with 1 of my veterinarians, I decided to have a lung rinse mid October 2019. The result: severe equine asthma with values of more than double the maximum allowed. In addition to the Ventipulmin (2 times a day for 2 x 10 days) & Flixotide (2 times a day for 2 months) that she received as a treatment, I rented the perspirator from Arja for a number of weeks. This on the advice of a good friend of mine.

The scheme I used is:

  • week 1 : 2 x daily 1 hour (of which in week 2 with the addition of Ionic ResiraSilver Plus +)
  • week 3: 2 x daily 45 min
  • week 4: 2 x daily 30 min
  • week 5: 1 x 30 min

The first 2 weeks she started to cough briefly several times a day because everything started to come loose (I had already been warned about this by Arja) and occasionally she ran a blob out of her nostrils without effort. From the 3rd week that all decreased and less and less came out of her nose.

At the beginning of March 2020 I had the lung rinse repeated to see how things were going. To my great surprise, nothing came out at all. She is completely clean !!!

I am sure that the transpirator has a large part in the healing of my mare.

It was 100% my reaction to the hood and hose. Even our tense gelding used it for 3 weeks without problems to clear his airways.

I am also very satisfied with the accessibility of Arja and the helpfulness and thinking along when I had problems with the device.

In short: really an addition to a therapy or just as cleaning / maintenance!

Panja van de Steeg

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