User experience with PEMF for dogs

Magnetic field therapy in animal physiotherapy practice

To begin with, I will briefly introduce myself. I'm Kim Vogelaar-Vroegop. I'm working since 2006 as a physiotherapist and since 2009 also as animal physiotherapist. Because a horse at our stables had a tendon injury, I came into contact with Magnacare. I have seen good results of magnetic therapy in different animals and owners. During my training and work as a physiotherapist I noticed that very little use was made of this beautiful method of treatment. In 2009 I started as an animal physiotherapist and I was given the opportunity to apply magnetic therapy. Since 2012 I have my own practice where I can treat dogs. Since then I basically treat each dog on magnetic field. I put the carpet under my treatment mat, so I can combine the two therapies very nice, with good results. Especially in animals that have a lot of pain, as with a hernia, you really take away the pain and relax the animal. These owners I recommend therefore always to hire magnetic field, so that the animal can take full advantage of.

n short, I have been working for several years with full satisfaction with Magnacare with many different animals.

use of the ezy at the physiotherapist

Kim Vogelaar-Vroegop

Puppy with fracture in growth plate

On Friday afternoon, Feniks and sister Koira were playing in our garden. They've been running there for weeks. At 4.30 pm I walked in to grab something and hear a lot of squeaking and I run outside. And at that moment I see Feniks ticking away on 3 legs. So I picked her up and carefully felt everything and put it down again. My feeling said that this was not good. Called a vet and drove there. X-ray made and unfortunately a growth disk fracture of her right hind leg. She was on the OK table within 10 minutes (She was already under anesthesia because of taking the pictures)

My vet put 3 pins in it and the fracture was completely correct again. On Saturday Arja contacted me to treat Feniks with the magnetic field mat. I had never thought of that.

We have already talked about it because of our sporting dogs. So we drove to Arja on Saturday evening and picked up the mat. Introduce Feniks to the mat and use it every day. 2 weeks later we made a control photo and the fracture was almost completely healed. 1 week later another photo to check (try to keep a 13-week-old puppy calm) and the break was healed so nicely that the pins had to be removed. So 3 weeks after it happened, the photos showed as if nothing had happened.

I am so happy with Arja's selection and what an experience. Another extra windfall. I have to sit on the mat with Feniks. My left knee hurt (due to wear) and since the mat I have no problems anymore with my knee. Wow !!!! I am convinced that the magnetic field therapy can really do wonders.

puppy with broken hind leg

Claudia Bloos en mijn puppy Jina Langu Ni Key to My Heart (aka Feniks)

Magnetic field therapy for deep wound healing

A huge open wound on her chest, a split pectoral muscle the fiber length and a dog in real pain were the result of an unfortunate jump over a tree trunk with a branch sticking out. A few days after the accident of my border collie Mystic, I received the pulsed magnetic field therapy from MagnaCare.

To get her used to it and I put her own blanket on it. She lay down on it quite quickly and she got off it herself if it was "enough".
After a few days if I do lay down the blanket, she directly wanted on it and stayed there longer. I saw the relaxation increase in her body and then she really fell asleep, which was quite difficult for her in the first few days.

More than two weeks later, the wound heals well. Not completely closed yet, but there are no complications. Mystic feels completely fit again in her head and the vet was also positive about the recovery. She is flexible in her body and not stiff in her muscles and we can slowly build up. We can now also provide the blanket on the advice of MagnaCare with a different intensity, so that it now also contributes positively and gives added value to rehabilitation and recovery.

It is getting more and more difficult to keep Mystic calm, but when I put down the magnetic field therapy blanket, she still finds a bit of relaxation there that also ensures peace afterwards! I have not studied on pulsating magnetic fields and I may not fully understand it, but what I do understand is how much benefit my dog benefits, because I see that every day!

dog relaxed on the neckpiece

Marloes Gibbs


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