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Centurion is one of the longest existing manufacturers in the field of pulsating magnetic field therapy. You will see this many years of experience back in all products. The products for horses are really made for horses, and therefore they can take a beating. If something breaks, it is usually very easy for us to repair, so that you can quickly get your equipment back.

In addition, Centurion products that are thirty of more years old can still be repaired. Even if they look like they can’t be saved anymore. Therefore, when you buy a Centurion product, we say that you will never have to replace it with a new one.



You have 1 year unconditional warranty on your Centurion product (s) from the day of purchase or from the first day of the rental period.

This unconditional warranty covers all problems – including the batteries – and includes labor and parts (excluding transport).

In addition, a service package is available for all problems that may arise after the first year.

Any repair done by unqualified persons or companies will immediately void the warranty.

minipulse PEMF bandage for treatment of problems of the leg of a horse

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