Tapotement Massage Therapy 

For the treatment of injuries, but also because it's just nice for your horse

massage your horse


Do you massage your horse regularly or do you occasionally have a masseur treat your horses? Then you know that it is hard work to reach the deep-lying muscles properly.

A masseur or therapist can never be replaced. We also recommend that you regularly have your horses checked by a therapist, but you can massage your horses in between yourself.

There are many massage devices and blankets on the market that would make this easier. But light equipment or a blanket with moving elements can never completely get through the deep muscle layers of the horse.



The tapoty can make massaging your horse much easier. Other massage devices usually give a rocking, circular motion. This gives a vibration parallel to the muscle tissue, most of which radiates sideways away from the treatment site. The movement of the Tapoty enters the muscle perpendicularly for deep relief. This shocking movement “kneads” the muscle tissue, reducing stiffness and tension.

Nimble and smoother

Because the tapoty massage penetrates into deeper tissue, this ensures:
  • A more a more limber and supple body
  • Improved muscle tone
  • A more relaxed nervous system
  • Better general functioning of muscles and joints
By using the Tapoty, the time normally required for a manual horse massage is considerably reduced to a total of around 15 minutes. This makes a Tapoty massage an efficient way to give your horse a pleasant and therapeutic massage.

It is ideal for horses in training or competitions, recovering from an injury, or being nervous or ‘sour’. It relieves muscle pain and relaxes, which also positively influences the posture of difficult horses.

In addition, the Tapoty is also great for horses, who don’t get enough exercise or who just need to be spoiled. For animals that are forced to rest due to an injury, illness or age, massage can be a mild form of training for their muscles and joints.

massage areas

Benefits of using the Tapoty

  • Increases blood supply & nutrition to the muscles
  • Speeds up the recovery process
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Dilates blood vessels & improves circulation
  • Hastens elimination of harmful by-products
  • Helps reduce inflammation and swelling
  • Can compensate, in part for lack of exercise in horses who are inactive due to age, illness or injury
  • Improves muscle tone


Try it out yourself?

Curious about the influence of the tapoty on your horse? Then start the rental today and see for yourself. Of course you can also buy, but we always settle the first three months’ rent against the sales price. In this way you can experience how you like the Boreas without extra costs and without having to make a big decision ion.


start today

Renting a Tapoty

€ 90,-
Per month
  • for a short-term injury
  • rent as long as you want
  • the first 3 months rent will be settled when buying
  • advice how to use in the various problems

Buying a Tapoty

€ 750,-
  • buy immediately 
  • or after a rental period
  • 1 year unconditional warranty
  • lifelong advice how to use

Unfortunately the payment pages are in this moment only in Dutch. You can use them normally to order a tapoty. But if you have any questions, please contact us.

Learn how to use your Tapoty here