boreas cooling therapy

Boreas Cooling therapy 

Cooling combined with compression for rapid tissue repair

use of the boreas cooling during competition


Cooling is something we all do. After riding, but also in case of an injury. There are different ways of cooling with their own advantages and disadvantages. Usually the water hose is used. Water is cheap, but spraying it on a horse’s leg with a hose for half an hour is annoying for humans and animals.

The Centurion Boreas is a cooling machine that makes cooling a lot easier and more efficient. The Boreas uses ice water and air that is led through leg pieces.  This allows the legs to be cooled while at the same time exerting pressure on the tissue.. This combination prevents swelling or allows the swelling to decrease quickly.

Cooling and Compression

cooling machine for horses

The Boreas combination of cooling and compression can of course be used after a workout to quickly cool the tissue in the legs and in this way prevent injuries. But the therapy can also be used as a pre-training prior to a heavy training / competition. In addition, it is used for countless injuries such as strains of ligaments and tendon injuries.

boreas cooling therapy

Due to the combination of cooling and pressure, the effect is much greater than with cooling alone.  It gives a positive effect on the tissue because it:

  • The inflammatory response after an injury and training diminishes
  • The blood flow to the treated and surrounding tissue improves
  • he inflammatory response after an injury and training diminishes
  • he inflammatory response after an injury and training diminishes
  • Reduces pain with injuries

The ice water in the Boreas does not come into contact with the skin, it is the cold of the water flowing through the elements that cools the tissue.

boreas-cooling-machine use in stable

The Centurion Boreas consists of:

  • an easy to fill water compartment
  • hoses with alloy fittings that prevent rust and breakage and are leak-proof
  • two compression leg parts in different sizes for different areas to be treated on the horse.

The Boreas is portable and very easy to set up.

Try it out yourself?

Curious about the influence of cold compression on your horse? Then start the rental today and see for yourself. Of course you can also buy, but we always settle the first three months’ rent against the sales price. In this way you can experience how you like the Boreas without extra costs and without having to make a big decision ion.


start today

Renting a Boreas

€ 300,-
Per month
  • for a short-term injury
  • rent as long as you want
  • to try out first,
  • the first 3 months rent will be settled when buying
  • advice how to use in the various problems

Buying a Boreas

€ 5800,-
  • buy immediately or after a rental period
  • also payment in installments possible
  • including 4 leg pieces in different sizes
  • 1 year unconditional warranty

  • lifelong advice how to use

Unfortunately the payment pages are in this moment only in Dutch. You can use them normally to order a therapulse. But if you have any questions, please contact us.

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